Number Seven, May 2002    -    COACHING
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Below: Junior Team Update

  Coaches Corner
by Pat Anderson and Rob Wagner

National Team Selection

Over the year we have noticed that on the USAPL unofficial forum there seems to be a question about National Team selection every couple of weeks. In this article we hope to provide you with the information for all the teams that we send out to International Powerlifting World Championship events. We will break each group down and provide you with the qualifying events and the criteria used to put the team selection together. In this newsletter we will cover the Men's and Women's Sub-junior, Junior and Open teams. In the next newsletter we will cover the Master's and both bench press teams

The first step in qualifying for these teams is to compete in your respective USAPL National Championships. In order to do this you must first qualify at a USAPL meet prior to the championships. Information on qualifying criteria can be found by contacting the meet promoter.

The winners have the automatic team spot in all groups except for the Open Men's where there is a world team qualifying total which we will discuss later. All winners must pass a drug test before being named to the team. If automatic team selections decline the invitation then alternates will be selected to fill the rest of the 11-person team roster per gender team.

In all groups the team coaches have input in terms of who is selected as an alternate to the team after the automatic team members are in place. In all cases two alternates are named to the team in case problems occur with automatic team members' ability to compete. With the exception of the Men's open team the selection of alternates for team membership is primarily a coaching decision. According to USAPL vice president and multi National team coach Larry Maile, " alternates can be selected based on projected placing in three worlds, aggregated. This is a weighted score, which is an average of the past three worlds. Ties are broken by subjective factors, including international experience, availability, past record of behavior, and if they are financially capable and a commitment to go" (since no trips are completely subsidized). The coaching committee is involved in overseeing that all criteria being used are fair and do not create any bias.

First we will start with the youngest national teams the sub-juniors 14-19 yrs. and the juniors 20-23 yrs. The sub-juniors were supposed to make their debut in Socchi, Russia last September but due to the tragedy of 9/11 the trip was cancelled. This year's event will take place in Chia Yi, Taipei on the 25th - 29th of September. The Junior World Championships will be held in Socchi, Russia on September 10th - 15th. First, all winners receive automatic invitations to join the National team. The qualifying process these groups have versus the open national teams is that they have 3 meets to qualify. The Women's sub-juniors 14-19 and juniors 20-23 can qualify the Women's Nationals, High School Nationals or Collegiate Nationals. The highest total achieved from the three meets in each weight class becomes the national team nominee from that weight class. The Men's sub-juniors and juniors will also have three meets to qualify as well. They will be the Junior Nationals, High School Nationals and Collegiate Nationals. The selection of the automatic team berth is based on the highest total from these three meets. For both groups winners will be notified by the national office of their selection.

When a nomination is refused the next step is to determine the alternate rankings from all non-winners. The criterion used for these groups was mentioned earlier in the article. With the sub-juniors their aggregate score will be determined from a 1 year basis currently and will eventually expand to three years in 2004. The other factors mentioned above will also play a role here.

The Women's open National team is selected from the competitors at the Women's National Championships. This years World Championships will be held on May 29th to June 2nd in Reisa, Germany. The Women face two criteria in being the automatic team selection for their 11 person roster. They must win their weight class and pass a drug tests. After the automatics have been notified those not accepting the slot will be dropped and the search for alternates begins. The selection of team alternates for this team is based on the same guidelines as the juniors and sub-juniors.

Unlike the other teams mentioned previously the Men's open team has three criteria to meet. In order to become an automatic selection for the Men's World team, which competes in November 12th - 17th in Trencin, Slovakia, he must first win his weight class at the Open Nationals. He must also pass the drug test and record a total at or above the 5th place average of the last 5 World Championships. The remaining spots of the 11 person team are filled with a combination of the remaining winners who did not reach the minimum total as well as any lifters that did meet the total but placed second or in rare instances third. These lifters will be ranked on how their National total would place them over the past five World championships totals in their specific weight class. The average of these placings will create a score. The highest two scores become the alternates. Ties are broken using the information listed in the earlier in the article. If two alternates are selected from the same class an administrative decision will be made.

The current World Team qualifying totals for this year are below:

114---1157 123---1218 132---1344 148---1476 165---1636 181---1714 198---1807 220---1912 242---1957 275---2006 SHW---2105 So we hope we have provided the information that some of you have been looking. If you have any questions, you can contact Rob at Next issue the Master's and Bench Press teams.


USAPL World Junior Teams:

from Sandra Perron

With Collegiate Nationals completed and a deadline approaching for Powerlines approaching, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the USAPL National Team that will be going to Russia this September for the IPF Junior Worlds.

To qualify for the Junior National Team, the athlete must be at least 19 years old during the 2002 calendar year, and must be younger than 24 during the 2002 calendar year. All the qualifying meets for the women are complete and the top women have been selected from Women's Nationals, High School Nationals and Collegiate Nationals. Congratulations for great accomplishment go to:

    97 - Erin Crapo
    105 - Christy Hunter
    114 - Codi Grubbs
    123 - Michelle Amsden
    132 - Robyn Niederkorn
    148 - Kim Callier-Hooper
    165 - Julia Loya
    181 - Elizabeth Ferrer
    198 - Jessica Watkins
    SHW - Sarah Greenup
These women have until the end of May to accept or decline their spot on the team. Should circumstances not allow any to attend and there is a great list of alternates complied to fill the slot. The alternates are chosen from those finishing in second place in their weight class, then are ranked based on their average placing at the past three world championships. Our alternate women are:

    SHW - Erica Bailey
    165 - Katie Ford
    198 - Kelly Louque
    114 - Jeannie Hallier
    105 - E. Schuwerk
    97 - Annette Axt
    132 - Julia Kaufman
    148 - Destiny Joyner
    123 - Sarah Newman
    181 - Jamie Albright
Looking at the lists above I hope you all share in my excitement of having a great women's team this year, both in terms of talent and team spirit.

After only two meets it's too early to predict what the men's roster will look like. The preliminary is listed below, but expect to see changes after June's Junior Nationals in Killeen, TX. Some of the men who competed at Collegiates have already said they will come back to Juniors to better their standings.

    114 - Doc Holloway, 490kg
    123 - Micah Killetico, 527.5kg
    132 - Marcus Williams - 602.5kg
    148 - David Kibbler - 607.5kg
    165 - Ricardo Garza - 607.5kg
    181 - Steve MacGillis - 642.5kg
    198 - Matt Goldin - 757.5kg
    220 - PJ Chovanec - 817.5kg
    242 - Evan Whalen - 820kg
    275 - Matt Wenning - 815kg
    SHW - Torrey Stott - 827.5kg
Congratulations go to the men who have worked hard so far, good luck to them and all the men at Junior Nationals in June.

Coach Perron

USAPL World Sub-Junior Teams:

from Tod Miller

Women Subjunior Nomination Winners
    44 kg - Erin Dickey -305 Kg*
    48 kg - Jennifer Maile - 425 Kg*
    52 kg - Carly Nogle - 337.5 Kg*
    56 kg - Alyssa Hitchcock - 342.5 Kg*
    60 kg - Amber Mesik - 365 Kg*
    67.5 kg - Queen Underwood - 360 Kg
    75 kg - Tracy Till - 402.5 Kg
    82.5 kg - Krystal Kelly - 400 Kg
    90 kg - Rebekah Rudometkin - 455 Kg*
    90+ kg - Erika Headrick - 392.5*

    * Have accepted Team spot-still need to here from others
Leading Subjunior Men With Individuals to go!
    52 kg - Jeff Drummond, Glenn Mills - 405 kg
    56 kg - Vinny Niedoliwka, Plainwell - 502.5 kg
    60 kg - Ryan Smith, Plainwell - 462.5 kg
    67.5 kg - James Sweet, Glenn Mills - 610 kg
    75 kg - Duran Beeks, Glenn Mills - 615 kg
    82.5 kg - Edward McCall, Alexandria - 657.5 kg
    90 kg - Eugene Moore, Glenn Mills - 665 kg
    100 kg - Terrance Beasley, Glenn Mills - 712.5kg
    110 kg - Ed Nierman, Chester IL - 720 kg
    125 kg - Greg Theriat, Bishop Sullivan - 762.5 kg
    125+ kg - Ryan Risner, Springfield OH - 725 kg